The Port Feeder Barge is intended to be deployed as a green logistic innovation within the Port of Hamburg in order to ease internal container operation. The innovative vessel is a smart alternative to road trucking. It shall ply between the various terminals in order to shift the intra-port container haulage from road to waterway.

A daily round-the-port-service will be offered. The vessel shall call at all major terminals on a regular basis but will also serve smaller facilities on demand. One additional regular call shall be at a central berth to meet with the inland waterway vessels for direct ship-to-ship box transfer in order to shorten their time consuming trips around the port.

The Port Feeder Barge is aiming for three business fields:

Road haulage   Feeder operation   Inland navigation
A lot of intra-port container trucking is done within the port causing additional congestion to the already existing bottlenecks on the roads.

The Port Feeder Barge is designed to shift intra-port haulage from road to waterway. Due to its own container crane the Port Feeder Barge is capable of transferring containers between the terminals independently from the costly quayside equipment.

Compared to trucking the Port Feeder Barge can provide intra-port box transfer ...

  • at competitive costs,
  • faster for a huge number of containers at the same time,
  • for oversized containers,
  • more environmentaly friendly,
  • much safer,
  • without requiring personnel from the terminal,
  • even if terminal gates are closed.
  Not only in Hamburg, feeder vessels need to call at several different terminals where their customers are berthing.

The Port Feeder Barge can distribute and collect the feeder boxes to/from the various terminal quays enabling the feeder vessels to concentrate on the major terminals only. Hence the time consuming, costly and risky operation of vessel shifting within the ports can be significantly reduced.

In order to avoid exessive vessel shifting feeder lines are already an important employer for intra-port box transfer by truck.

  Valuable berth capacity for deep sea vessels should not be blocked by the small inland waterway vessels. Like feeder vessels, they waste much time by hopping from terminal to terminal but carry even less boxes! Moreover loading/discharging the small vessels with the huge gantry cranes is not adequate.

Transhipment of ocean boxes to inland waterway vessels can be fully delegated to the Port Feeder Barge at a central inland navigation berth. For ship-to-ship transfer operations a quay is not even required. Direct box transfer between the Port Feeder Barge and inland waterway vessels can even be performed midstream at the dolphins.

Ocean terminals will be released from their obligation to serve the inland waterway vessels which in addition will benefit from a considerably reduced port stay.

Joint Brochure PORT FEEDER BARGE / Technolog

Flyer "Port Feeder Barge" (English) as pdf

Flyer "Port Feeder Barge" (Chinese) as pdf

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