Wind Feeder Barge

Based on the Port Feeder Barge concept a new specialised vessel has been developed to carry the voluminous and heavy components for offshore windfarms from their production sites to the assembly port, especially on inland waterways and alongside the coast. The "Wind Feeder Barge" can load up to 90 m long rotor blades and tower sections with its own crane (max. load: 100 to) as well as nacelles of several hundred tons as ro-ro cargo.

The cargo deck is stretched over the entire length of the vessel and strengthened for heavy loads. The vessel of double-ended configuration is highly manoeuvrable by two rudder propellers at each end of the vessel. An innovative seafastening system for offshore components will be an integral part of the "Wind Feeder Barge".

The pre assembly logistic for offshore wind farms is getting much easier by the introduction of the "Wind Feeder Barge" as the provision, handling and transport of the components will be decoupled. Land-based cranes would become obsolet and waiting times could be eliminated.

  Trade fair "transport logistic" 2011 in Munich: Federal German Transport Minister Ramsauer is viewing the "Wind Feeder Barge"

Main Data "Wind Feeder Barge" as pdf

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